‘It all started with the Bit Bang’

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After some years of working & wondering from the inside of some of the world most leading technology corporations, I set up shop on a beautiful island in the Caribbean.

Keynote @ Port of Spain, T&T

After all “my Computer and my Phone” became “the Office”. I basically just needed Wifi to set up and to take it from there…

So one day I flew from Amsterdam Schiphol to the island Curaçao,…

Life goes on Digital. | Est. in Curacao since 10/10/”10 | Spanish Waters

Since no man is an island: I work apart together* with people from different companies from all over the world to translate innovative ideas into smart solutions.

Today with the Pandemic going on it’s more important then ever, to find out how Digital can work for you, your Society and your company.

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A bit about the island: https://www.curacao.com/en/

The internet is the new aether, everyone, everything is tapping into this huge expanding digital universe.

The basic idea is that what’s out there today, says a lot about the times we live in, a lot about our society as a whole and most probably, if my fingerspitzengefuhl is right, something very personal about our self.

Notes of the Chief Philosophy Officer™

So no matter your enterprise goals and company strategy, as the great Socrates once said: Know Thyself!



Life goes Online!

Online Since 1996 | Keynote Speaker | International Business Management | Strategic Partnerships | Human Performance Design School | Digital Program Management | Experienced with High Tech (IT + Video) Startups & Global Tier 1 Business Cultures. | Creagent.

When I got my High School Diploma, I left Paramaribo and moved to the city of Delft to study Physics, but unfortunately after a few classes I fell in a black hole…

Thank God, I was discovered as a Philosopher by Professor Doorman in the middle of one of his classes. I was ninenteen years old. Studying abroad was hard but, to make a long story short, I ultimately managed to graduate from the faculty of Philosophy of Science, Technology and Society of the University of Twente where I wrote my thesis on “The use of Scientific and Technological claims in Advertising.”

Even though I wanted to work in the Creative Industry I started my career in Change Management at Accenture, the company formerly known as Andersen Consulting, where I did the Human Performance Design School in St. Charles, Chicago.

My first job was at ‘The Paperless Office‘.

“After Andersen I took a brief sabbatical to Barbados, Trinidad, Suriname and Guyana and when I came back from my trip, I checked my voicemailbox in my appartment in Utrecht.

Note to millennials: a voicemailbox was in fact a microcassette recording device and was attached to the fixed phoneline.

There was a message from Oracle offering me to move and work for them in Dublin. So just back from the Caribbean Islands, I suddenly found myself travelling to a complete other island: Ireland.

In this high energy company we were pioneers of internet sales and marketing with a strong anydata, anywhere, anytime focus.

Interesting experience, developed great business insights with Tier One Global Clients and Startups before and after the dot com bust. Time of great inspiration.

After a while I decided to move on, in search for new experiences and became the Head of Sales for Events and Sponsorships at the Forrester Research Office in Amsterdam.

Events B.C. (Before Corona)

Coming from the Software world I introduced an innovative commercial strategy which enabled the European Events Business triple in new business revenue.

Went to HQ in Boston to Present my Vision for Event Sponsorhips

My last job in the corporate world was at Gartner, a so called Gorilla in the Analysts industry.

After that it was time to follow my dreams and set up my own shop.

‘One Picture says more than a Thousand Words’

And so it happend that just before 10/10/10, I moved places again. This time to a beautiful island, in the Caribbean, to Dushi Curaçao.

Life is a journey, not a destination…

I set up shop and simply started with a phone and a wireless internet connection.

Once Upon a time in Silicon Valley, Apple Inc. Cupertino USA

It was just me on the island but I managed to run the company by ‘Working Apart Together with businesspartners from all over the world on digital television projects in the Americas.

My dream came true when I got the chance to help Suriname to switch from Analog to Digital Television.

In 2012 my company was chosen by the incumbent telecom and internet operator in Suriname in South America, to roll out the first Hybrid IP/DVBT2 Wireless Digital Television Network in the Americas.


Great solution for tropical cities with low fiberoptic connectivity. It was in fact a high tech pioneering End-2-End “Think Global Act Local” project.

Absolute great working experience with people from different areas of expertise and countries from far.

It was like a Dream come true.

Also provided the first IPTV solution to the local incumbent telecom operator on the island of Curaçao.

The operator UTS, can now offer internet television & over the top video streams on the island.


So subscribers can now watch their usual TV programs and online services like Netflix and Youtube from the same set top box in their home.


And also watch their content on their smartphones and tablets, and on demand.

UTS has been purchased by Liberty in 2019.

Curious to know how you can get more out of Digital?

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© Notes of the Chief Philosophy Officer™ 2007-2023