Research & Keynotes:

Dec 2019: Keynote Speaker and Panelist at Datasur in Paramaribo: “#Leadership in times of Digital Transformation”

July 2019: Speaker and Panelist at 35th in Port of Spain: AI, Machine Learning and the Future of Work.

January 2019: Speaker at the 35th Annual General Meeting of the Canto Board in Guyana: “Creating Smart Cities in the Caribbean”.

Okt 2018: Speaker at United Caribbean Business Fair in Paramaribo: “How to Create Smart Cities in the Caribbean”.

July 2018: Speaker at in Panama City: “The Role of the Blockchain in the Smart City”.

July 2016: Speaker at in San Juan, Puerto Rico: “How Technology is changing the Telecoms”.

November 2014: Speaker at iGovTT ICT Symposium in Port of Spain: “Building Human Capital to Drive an Innovative Culture”.

July 2014: Speaker at 2nd ICT Summit in Paramaribo, “Startup Culture, What we can learn from Silicon Valley”.

July 2014: Speaker at in Bahamas: “How technology changes the way we experience television”.

June 2013: Speaker at 1st ICT Summit in Paramaribo, “The Next Generation CIO”.

March 2008: Speaker at The Chamber of Commerce in Paramaribo: “Marketing in the 21st Century”.



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